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Website hosting & email management right through to large scale e-commerce solutions that deliver results time and time again. We've got you covered.


Digital marketing with a focus on beautiful photography & video production. Bringing all the design elements for your site together in-house with over 10 years experience.


Call on our passion for problem-solving and take the headache away from handling your own tech issues. We take pride in helping your business grow.

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Photography (Moving Images)

Award-winning stills photography & cinematography conveys your brand story seamlessly with narrative.

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Passionate about drinking excessive quantities of coffee driving results. Visit us at MediaCityUK for a cuppa.


Web apps and coding hitting the brief time and time again.


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What our clients say

Where do I start ?!?! TechNote are amazing... they're super nerds... and I mean that in the nicest way... they know so so much... they live and breathe everything they do and know everything inside out... they're always on top of the latest tech and research and advise us accordingly... we mainly employ them as our web designer, social media consultant, tech supporter, occasional photographer, general guru and online problem solvers... they wear many hats ! They are basically a part time remote IT and Media resource who supports us on an Company Director level...  They are so so thorough and organised... I know I can just leave things in their hands and they will sort it... I have no idea what they are talking about half the time... but that's because I don't absorb tech speak... but it doesn't matter because I tell them what I need and they deliver... I don't need (or want) to understand how they do it... they're just so passionate about what they do (and life in general!) that the communication just flows out of them! I met the founder a few years ago at a small business support group (government quango type thing - free training session/conference)... he was one of the participants like I was and just knew so much more about the subject matter than the speaker did ! I made a beeline to him at the break and we've been in touch ever since ! I can't sing their praises enough... they've been a wonderful and majorly significant support to my company for the last few years... Our new website which they designed and manages has brought loads more enquiries through... they're 5 star super stars !

Carla Muncaster (Urban Grain)
Business Owner

What we do

Our services fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

  • Projects delivered consistently on time and on budget
  • Business growth through ongoing development
  • Marketing that stands out above the rest


About us

TechNote is an internet marketing and SEO company offering web marketing solutions to companies the world over. As an innovator with digital technology we cover web design, ecommerce, conversion, strategy and marketing services. We pride ourselves on delivering proven results through continuous development and measurements for our clients.

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