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How do you handle a busy brain?

That’s something I’m constantly struggling with, but I have found a few tech solutions to improve my life.
I’m willing to share some of those with you as time goes by, but as our new website has just been launched I think it’s time to catch up on coffee sleep. For now let’s briefly cover just one of those life-improving bits of tech!

Smartphones now have blue light filters built in. I highly recommend using them.
If you don’t have the latest tech though, do not fret for there are apps that can help you, no matter what screens you stare at when you should really be winding down for bed:

The latest versions have a blue light filter built-in whoooopeeeeeee, however…
Twilight – This is the app I’ve known and loved for many years. It’s highly customisable. Great for reading in bed too.
Just in case you don’t have an updated version of the Android OS, or you want something with finer granularity.

If you absolutely must use Apple products (he he, I guess maybe you’re a creative?) you’ll be pleased to know that the blue light filter is built-in for versions 9.3 or newer (since 2015) so you probably won’t need a dedicated app.

There is a feature in Windows 10 called Night Light. There you go, you learn something new every day.
Failing that, you can use the trusty F.lux which can be installed on various iterations of the Microsoft OS.

There was a feature added to the OS in March 2017 called Night Shift, just like for the iPhone. Look in system preferences, under Displays. You can even change the colour temperature. There you go!

IMPORTANT WORD OF WARNING! Please make sure you disable all blue light filters before doing any colour sensitive work such as photo editing, video editing, illustration, graphic design, grading etc. I made myself a note that lives above my screen to remind me, but turning the filters off for an hour at a time, or until daylist has become habit now as I burn the midnight oil.

Why are we doing this? Well that’s a valid question. Blue light suppresses the production melatonin which is a chemical released by the brain (especially near bed time) which aids sleep. Release more of the good stuff and get a good night’s kip (for both of us please!). Night Night, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

What would you like help with next? Be sure to leave a comment and we’ll take care of the rest for you.
Stay tuned for more ways to help a busy brain and an abundance of useful tech notes to come in future posts!

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